Local Delivery


Don't worry. It's simple. And BEST OF ALL, you don't even have to leave your house!

Local Delivery is for all residents within a 25 mile radius of 365Collectibles.

• Shop - Buy the items you want right here on our website
 Checkout - Select the delivery method "Ship" option at checkout (see image below)

 Checkout - Select the shipping method "Local delivery" option at checkout (see image below)

 Confirmation - You'll get a confirmation email immediately once your payment has gone through. You will then receive a second email and a phone call when your order is being picked up by the FedEx SameDay City Courier.
 Delivery - FedEx will deliver the product to your door within a few hours.
  • Make sure you have:
    • Your order confirmation (printed or digital)
    • Your Government-issued photo ID