International Buyers

How much does it cost to ship my order to an address outside the US?

Shipping costs can vary greatly depending on the country. As with our domestic shipments, we receive shipping rate estimates directly from our carriers. We ship Internationally via USPS, UPS Worldwide or DHL Worldwide.

Do you charge duties and import taxes?

Duties and import taxes are charged from your local and federal governments and we cannot control these costs. If you are an international customer purchasing from us, you are agreeing to pay any duties, taxes and import fees that are required of you to receive your package.

We cannot at any time declare a lesser value of your shipment.

High-Value International Orders

Like Domestic High-value shipments, High-value international orders may be subject to additional screenings and information required to ship the order. We may ask for an alternative payment method to help protect us and our customers from instances of fraud.

If you are planning on purchasing an order of higher value, we recommend that you contact us before placing your order so both parties are aware of the requirements involved.

Are any countries restricted from ordering?

Unfortunately, a small number of countries are barred from ordering on our website. If your country happens to be missing from the address form during checkout, please contact us to see what can be done about getting your order placed.

Can every product be shipped internationally?

New products are often subject to embargoes strictly enforced by the individual manufacturer. In order to retain our status as an authorized dealer, we must adhere to these restrictions at all times. The restrictions per manufacturer are listed below:

Upper Deck

All new Upper Deck releases are barred from being shipped to Canada for the first full calendar year from release date. For example, release date 6/1/2019, product would be eligible to ship to Canada 6/1/2020


Starting with 2017-18 Basketball, we are prohibited from shipping any new Basketball release to anywhere in the Asia market.

All non-Basketball releases as well as Basketball releases before 2017-18 are eligible to ship anywhere.

Magic: The Gathering

We are unable to ship any Magic: The Gathering or Wizards of the Coast product to any location outside of the United States.

Our website will not allow international orders that have products which fall into the above restrictions to be placed automatically. If for any reason, an order that is placed that has items subject to the above restrictions, we reserve the right to cancel the order at any point.